[Scottish] 6 against word

Bernd Porr Bernd.Porr at cn.stir.ac.uk
Fri Apr 2 23:54:43 BST 2004

The German computer journal c't compared M$WORD with it's competitors:
WP 1.1, WordPro, OpenOffice1.1, Ragtime, Textmaker and Papyrus X.

The test was to write a "Thesis" on these programs: 140 pages with 120 
images and 240 footnotes.

Programs which crashed during the test: Word 2003, WP 11 and WordPro 
9.8. Actually word started struggling after the 20th image and gave up 
after the 50th.

OO1.1, Ragtime 5.6.5, Textmaker 2002 and Papyrus X were stable.


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