[Scottish] wat courses should i take? {Scanned}

Ben Thorp thorpb at uk.ibm.com
Tue Aug 24 08:46:20 BST 2004

Is the Linux+ course the CompTIA(?) one?

Generally, I personally would choose a vendor-neutral certification program
over a vendor-specific, thus go for the Linux+. Having said that, the
RedHat one is very well known, and widely recognised, so neither choice is
a bad one.

How/where are these courses being offered, or is it internal to your job?

Ben Thorp

scottish-bounces at mailman.lug.org.uk wrote on 23/08/2004 19:36:24:

> Hi,
> I've got the opertunity to take a couple of linux based coarses (and
> a couple of others) over the next few months, and thought id ask you
> lot what the better corses would be :-
> The courses are as follows :-
> ***************
>  13618D - Linux Red Hat Advanced System Administration Curriculum
> The Linux Red Hat Advanced System Administration Curriculum provides
> users with a methodology for planning and installing a Red Hat
> system. It identifies issues to resolve during the planning stage.
> It also provides an overview of the installation process and teaches
> the learner how to install a basic Red Hat system. This curriculum
> builds up a deeper understanding of some installation and startup
> options. It covers some installation troubleshooting and initial
> configuration. It also covers how to set up users and manage
> software after a Red Hat Linux installation. Students will also
> learn some advanced user administration and X Windows topics. It
> examines disk quotas and shell configuration, cover Kernel concepts,
> installation, and configuration, and learn how to set up X Windows
> servers and clients. This will also cover Network Management and
> Services. It examines a number of networking technologies such as
> DNS, NFS and DHCP before explaining PPP configuration, and provide
>  information about installing and configuring network services such
> as HTTP, FTP, Samba and Printing. Lastly, this curriculum covers
> security issues and some operational administration topics, system
> logging, internetworking and services security which are designed to
> help administrators ensure that their systems are secure. This
> curriculum consists of five courses: Course 13618 Linux Red Hat
> Advanced System Administration Part 1: Planning and Basic
> Installation Course 13619 Linux Red Hat Advanced System
> Administration Part 2: Advanced Installation and Basic Configuration
> Course 13620 Linux Red Hat Advanced System Administration Part 3:
> User Administration and X Windows Course 13621 Linux Red Hat
> Advanced System Administration Part 4: Network Management and
> Services Course 13622 Linux Red Hat Advanced System Administration
> Part 5: Security and Operational Administration
> Learn To
> See individual course descriptions for specific course objectives and
> Audience
> The audience for this curriculum will be relatively wide. Learners
> will generally come from three backgrounds: The first group are
> existing Linux System Administrators whose focus is to learn
> specifically about Red Hat Linux. The second group is specifically
> preparing to take the RHCE exam and is using our course to support
> this certification. The third group is Linux expert/power users who
> want to learn the nuts and bolts of Red Hat Linux system
> administration. In general, you can consider the learners who take
> this curriculum will have a strong understanding of the content in
> our Linux Essentials curriculum.
> **********
>  14321D - Complete Linux+ Certification Curriculum
> The Complete Linux+ Certification Curriculum includes the courses
> required to teach learners how to plan, implement and install Linux.
> Students will learn how to manage the X Window System and the Linux
> Shell, and will also learn about user administration and networking.
> Students will also learn about administering services and processes,
> system maintenance, hardware and troubleshooting. This curriculum
> consists of five Skillbuilder courses: 14321 Linux+ Part 1: Planning
> and Installing 14322 Linux+ Part 2: Managing Software 14323 Linux+
> Part 3: User Administration and Networking 14324 Linux+ Part 4:
> Administration and Maintenance 14325 Linux+ Part 5: Hardware and
> Troubleshooting
> Learn To
> See individual course descriptions for specific course objectives and
> Audience
> The audience includes Linux Professionals and System Administrators
> with 6 months of experience with the Linux operating system. They
> provide basic installation, operation, and troubleshooting services
> and basic system administration tasks. The prerequisites are: - 6
> months experience with the Linux operating system - Core hardware
> examination from A+ revised for Linux, or equivalent experience -
> Basic computer skills
> ************
> Im basicly wanting to start looking for Linux admin type jobs, just
> basic sort of stuff, but something to get me out of the job hole im
> in at the mo :)
> Anyone ever done these types of corses, or anyone any recomendations
> for which one to choose, or do i just go for both?
> Ive done basic linux stuff now for a few years, ive installed quite
> a few linux servers, both web and samba based, but have upuntil now
> always used redhat type distros, more a case of throw the cds in,
> and setup samba/apache/postfix after its installed!
> Thanks
> Matt Lowe
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