[Scottish] wat courses should i take? {Scanned}

Gary gary at project415.org
Wed Aug 25 21:29:33 BST 2004

Ok, now I am a tad worried ;)

I have been involved in Unix for about 12 years now in various shapes 
and forms.

I have never been on any course for any of the stuff, knowing that I 
will possibly
a) not learn anything drastically new
b) be in a class where i will be totally more experienced than the other 
course takers
c) bored to death and lose interest.

I am not all that keen on Linux, being a FreeBSD, Solaris fan

How does one like me, attain some of these qualifications 'that is 
desireable' which the pimp will promote to get me a better position?

PS: I am asking this out of curiousity, not that I am unhappy or needing 
another job..

Peter George wrote:

> The courses look OK if you are looking for distro/vendor lock in. 
> The high stakes vendor neutral must have cert these days is LPIC. 
> You are more likely to see Junior System Administration jobs specifying at least LPIC1 these days than RedHat or SuSE certification IMHO. Unfortunately, there are no reputable (LATP) UK based courses, yet ;-)
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