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Subject: [edlug] PCW Accepts Linux Day [Was Advocacy Day]
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 11:20:32 +0100
From: Alistair J Ross <ajross at xbolt.net>
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Hello all you edluggers,

     I have spoken to the powers that be and they are willing to trial a 'What
     is Linux Day'.

     PC World would offer probably a Sunday morning to this event.

     The potential for this could be huge, or it could be a complete flop. It
     will come down to two things:

     a) Enough widespread advertising of the event (ie posters on the PCW doors
	and word-of-mouth).

     b) Discussing the right topics for the audience.

     I am quite sure that more than one of you out there over the years has
     given a 'Linux Introduction' tutorial so I extend an invitation to the
     people who earlier showed interest in this to suggest ideas for the event.

     No date has been set, but as long as my PCW branded face is shown at the
     tutorial (in my lovely lilac shirt!) as well as the opportunity to buy
     Linux books and distros is available afterward, PCW don't have a problem
     with this. If it is a (financial) success (ie, they cover my wages for the
     duration of the tutorial) then they may consider doing it again.

     I've got some ideas of my own, including the following:

     	* Gentle intro to linux - 'What is Linux?'
	* Why choose Linux?
     	* Live demo of Linux using Gnoppix
	* Demo of OpenOffice 1.1
	* Questions and Answers

     Thanks in advance for any feedback,


Alistair Ross
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