[Scottish] Help - Need some good arguments

Huard, Elise - D C&W Consultant Elise.Huard at sbs.siemens.co.uk
Mon Feb 9 12:48:07 GMT 2004

Well, a few screen prints and maybe a wee demo ... show them it's as pretty
and user-friendly as microsoft (and looks almost the same, in better).
That's what important for most people. 

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> Hi Folks, 
> I need your argumentative help. I've built a LInux Terminal Server based
> Cyber Cafe for our Church community project, but a couple of influential
> board of management members have cried "It's not Microsoft, we hate it!" 
> It looks like my work is to be tossed out and a pile of crap put in its
> place. 
> If I get the chance to present to the board of management what sort of
> arguments should I give? 
> I've already got stability, price, no mass-mailing viruses, ease of
> maintenance (one terminal server verses umpteen workstations), oh yes, and
> the fact that they can count me out if they go this route. 
> Any other arguments I could use? 
> Phil. 
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