[Scottish] Konqueror 3.2

ray rayH at engineering-intelligence.co.uk
Wed Feb 18 09:59:32 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 18 February 2004 09:23, William Anderson wrote:
> Just had a work colleague check this on SuSE 9, although on konq 3.4.1 - 
> works fine for him, you might want to update your konq install

Thanks, but I think that he actually has 3.1.4  - 3.2 is the latest (3rd Feb)

It worked for me with 3.1.5, but the behaviour with 3.2 is erratic.
I have tried three different machines on two networks using installs from SuSE rpms.
and on one with compiling konqueror from the KDE.org sources, while using the rpms for the rest of KDE3.2.

I was hoping someone was using 3.2 and a different distribution, or even another SuSE but not me doing the upgrade.


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