[Scottish] The Future of the LUG

Rob Lazzurs lazzurs at lazzurs.net
Sat Jan 3 02:09:07 GMT 2004

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 12:01:08PM +0000, Willie wrote:
> Possibly we do need a formal structure. I have resisted this in the past due 
> to previous experiences of commitees in the voluntary sector that turned into 
> ego-trips, disputes over handling of finances and slagging matches and I'd 
> hate us to go the same way. But thats probably the kind of negative attitude 
> that ensures nothing ever gets done. So maybe I am moving closer to the fence 
> on this one.

Just IMHO, however I think you only have to have a look at the LUG
through in Edinbugger to find out why this is a bad idea.  Sorry for
coming into this thread so late, I have been stuck on a windows machine
and I have just finally edited my muttrc to my liking again (usually I
use the most excellent evolution)

Take care - RL

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