[Scottish] The Future of the LUG

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sun Jan 4 20:44:10 GMT 2004

Willie wrote:
> [snip]
> If we do have a committee, it will take some thick-skinned and determined folk 
> on that committee to keep it running right. Organising geeks is like herding 
> cats (apologies to whoever I stole that line off). We all think we are bright 
> enough to think we know better and we will all have differeent ideas n 
> direction and emphasis of anything we choose to do.

I agree.  Trying to over-organise the lug is folly, but trying to expand 
the range of activities we do has merit.

> That doesnt mean we shouldnt have  sub-groups ( I hesitate to call them 
> committees) for those interested in advocacy or Installdays or whatever.
> I'd like to hear a list of suggestions for sub-groups if anyone has any 
> thoughts.

Special Interest Group is probably a better term :)  Install Days and 
similar events are definitely a good idea, but organising them can be a 
bitch.  Perhaps linking with (semi-)professional LAN party organisers would 
be useful there, and could provide an interesting cross-pollination of 
membership and advocacy - increases awareness of Linux, Open Source, the 
LUG, etc and provides a platform for a LAN party co to advertise, and 
possibly pimp their own open source position if they have one.

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