[Scottish] Guys, this is what it's all about!

Huard, Elise - D C&W Consultant Elise.Huard at sbs.siemens.co.uk
Mon Jan 5 18:51:36 GMT 2004

I agree with Neil !!!!

Shall i add that even as a partial lurker i enjoyed the good atmosphere and
sense of humour on this mailing list - seems to have turned a bit sour at
the end of next year.  Shows you don't even need a committee to get
infighting and power struggles, a bunch of human beings and a bit of time
are enough :-/
So let's hope that the good mood comes back, and i definitely hope Tony will
stay in, as the mix of serious/fun there was at the start seemed like a good

As for communicating mainly on IRC, this would indeed exclude some people
like me : i don't have access to internet at work (paranoid customer, very
painful), and at night, strange but true, i often have better things to do
than chat for an hour or 2.  
An idea for more or less equal debate would be to announce a meeting
time/subject on the mailing list (a net-event :-) ), so that people
interested to discuss that subject would join in on the IRC channel at that

Sorry for butting in late but i had a nice large break :-)

happy new year to you all !

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> Thanks for the postings on 'end of year archive' -
> and for me, that's the Linux thing:
> Guys with intelligence and initiative helping each other out.
> I really like the SLuG as it is - ramshackle beermat or what - 
> because it's got some 'heads' (Colin, Martin, Ben, et al) and the rest of
> us,
> who may eventually spread the Free Software Word to the so-far 
> uninitiated world.
> I've learned a lot by lurking in here, and I will give back what I've 
> learned in future times.
> Keep the faith!
> Neil
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