[Scottish] new web site brain storming

Craig Perry craig at onemanstudfarm.co.uk
Thu Jan 15 12:26:46 GMT 2004


Yeah let us know how it goes. Would be pretty cool if you could use 
slackware to install everything easily and get everything working, then 
switch over to debian for downloading other software. Then again i 
suppose if you've got everything working with another distro why switch? 

Still would be cool to finally have debian running well for me!


Huard, Elise - D C&W Consultant wrote:

>had a look at Kenny's proposal for a new website last night : looks nice
>(especially like the Tux with a scottish flag plastered/tatooed over its
>belly :-) ). 
>So since some feedback is in order, and to start a discussion maybe :
>what do you think should go on the website ? my vague ideas would be
>- what was on the old site could be preserved (reviews, IRC links ...) 
>- the forum-thing we were talking about on the mailing list a little while
>- i would propose an account of the last meet.  Someone different could
>volunteer every month to more or less record the proceedings + links to
>documentation, so people who couldn't make it could know what it was about.
>I say this as a lurker, i've only been to a meeting once, so i realise it's
>pretty easy on my part to make this proposal, but i think it could be
>interesting for a lot of people.
>- maybe a link of the month, quote of the month, or similar blog-like
>I think Kenny's looking for ideas, so don't hesitate to unleash your
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