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Kyle Gordon kyle at lodge.glasgownet.com
Fri Jan 30 18:30:58 GMT 2004

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Hey there,

Good to hear another new person joining in the fun.

I'm Kyle, otherwise known as bagpuss_thecat on IRC, or baggy in real life 
(thanks Kev). Bit of a Debian fan, but if I ever get my hands on another 
machine at some point I'll be trying out a variety of distros. Been at the 
Linux lark for about 3 years now :-p

cya about


On Friday 30 January 2004 07:46, Scott Thomson wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Just thought I'd introduce myself as I have just joined the list. I'm 22
> and currently live in EK. I've been playing around with *nix since I was 15
> and my current distribution of choice is Gentoo.
> I just joined this list because I was suprised to stumble across a LUG in
> Glasgow. I may make my way to a meeting one day but would like to hear from
> some people first. The only people I know IRL that use any *nix are work
> colleauges.
> Anyway, thanks for listening.
> Scott aka vax.
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