[Scottish] 2H 2004

Peter George peter at netresources.co.uk
Fri May 7 09:45:46 BST 2004

I'm very interested in this, been wanting to mod my xbox for a while.


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well, i'll put i to the list, since i think i've mentioned it a fair 
few times on IRC.

If there is enough interest (roughly 8 - 12 people) i am willing to do 
an "xbox linux workshop"  basically right through from cracking the 
case open, to the final installation of the linux distro.

replies to the list, if anyone is interested.  i know for a fact at 
least one person on the list has just gotten their hands on an xbox 
they are gonna put linux on....


On 6 May 2004, at 16:43, Ben Thorp wrote:

> We are rapidly approaching the middle of the year - I hope that so far
> you
> have enjoyed the content of the meetings. In a very deja-vu-ish way, we
> could do with people to volunteer to take charge of a meeting over the 
> 2nd
> half of the year.
> What this does _not_ mean is that:
>  - You have to 'do' a 'talk'/presentation
>  - You have to be an expert in a Linux-/OSS-related subject
>  - You have to do any 'up-front' work
> What we could do with are people who are willing to arrange some sort
> of
> Linux-related activity for one of the meetings. It's nice to have some
> informative talks if you are able, but equally simply taking some time 
> to
> badger people into bring their favourite Linux book, or something 
> similar,
> is just as useful.
> If you are interested, and know which months you are likely to be
> around,
> then drop me a mail or pm me (mrben_) on IRC.
> Oh, and I think that those of us who were able to attend the meetings
> so
> far this year should take the time to thank those who have been 
> involved in
> running meetings ;)
> Ben Thorp
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