[Scottish] Re: Scottish Digest, Vol 32, Issue 2

Allan Whiteford allan at whiteford.org.uk
Mon May 10 08:25:02 BST 2004

Willie wrote:

> On Sunday 09 May 2004 21:32, William Anderson wrote:
>>Which part of the 20KB of digest you didn't trim are you interested in?
> Yeah, I nearly didn't approve that msg.
>  But then I thought, " Hey I'm on broadband and Ive got plenty disk space, sod 
> those modem lusers that have to pay for their downloaded mail, that'll teach 
> them to move to a broadband-enabled neighbourhood"
> Willie the ever-helpful list-admin

Yeah, that'll learn them!

However, is anyone else worried that our list admin seems to receive the 
digest form of the mailing list? ;).

Willie can prove it isn't true (and, at the same time, prove himself as 
an ever-helpful list-admin) by replying to this before the digest comes 
out! No forwarding him this mail now people :).



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