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Craig Perry craig at onemanstudfarm.co.uk
Tue May 11 14:19:17 BST 2004


I have the same atlas laptop, great for linux! Everything is supported, 
even the bloody win modem! Reasonable performer, getting on a bit today 
but i still use it as my main machine. Def a great recomendation for linux.


Paxton, Darren wrote:

>Hi All,
>Looking to get rid of a few items, and wondering if anyone would be
>interested before I try them on ebay.
>1. Atlas Hi-grade laptop
>Sis Chipset
>Intel Pentium 3 1 GHz Processor
>512 MB Ram 
>Up to 64mb Graphics (Shared from main memory)
>30 GB Hard Disk
>SiS/Uniwill Modem
>SiS 900 Ethernet Card
>Sis 7718 soundcard
>QSI DVD Drive
>Floppy Drive
>14 Inch Screen
>One type2/3 PCMCIA slot
>One USB Slot
>PS2 port
>Serial Port
>VGA out
>Parallel Port
>Small Rucksack type carrying case
>Windows 2000 Key and recovery CD included
>Also just installed Suse 9.1 yesterday morning which installed without any
>problems and the modem appears to yast.
>General condition very good apart from a couple of cracks which I can show
>in pictures to anyone who wants to know.
>2. Dell Latitude C600 Laptop
>Intel Pentium 3 750Mhz Processor with Speedstep
>256 MB RAM
>16MB ATI Mobile M3 Graphics card
>20GB Hard Disk
>3com Mini PCI 56K Winmodem
>3Com 3C556 Network Card
>ATI Soundcard
>Expansion bay for either
>Sony CD-RW drive or 
>Floppy Drive (connected via Parallel port if both required at same time)
>Touchpad and pointing stick
>14 inch screen
>Two PCMCIA Slots 
>One USB port
>PS2 port
>Serial Port
>VGA Out
>Parallel Port
>Infrared Port
>Docking replicator
>Windows 2000 Professional Key but no disk.
>Dell Briefcase style carrying case
>Again, installed Suse 9.1 without any major difficulties although the modem
>is a Winmodem and isnt automatically detected.
>I have a friend who had one of these and had a DVD unit, so I might be able
>to get that for it, too, but can't guarantee it at this stage.
>General condition, again very good, apart from a few marks on the lid where
>its been in and out of the dock.
>Pictures of both units available on request. 
>I also have a Cisco 2621 router that I got hold of, but its with a mate just
>now. Expecting it back tomorrow so I can post details of the IOS or anything
>else that anyone requires who's interested.
>Sorry for the post to anyone who didn't want to know!
>Prices, looking for around £300 for each laptop as I'm seeing similar items
>going for 350-400 on ebay.
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