[Scottish] GNU/linux cd's wanted for social centre

Alice sei531 at yahoo.com
Sun May 16 01:54:21 BST 2004


Since 1st May, we've had an autonomous social centre in Glasgow, Printworks,
58 Albion St,  G1 1LH www.glasgow-autonomy.org (please excuse the website,
it's being worked on) which is open to everyone for tea and coffee 12 noon
til 9pm every day. 
"It's like usenet, but in meatspace."

Today we had a tech day, collected some machines in various states of
disrepair and tried to get at least one in working order, in the process
teaching a couple of people a bit about gnu/linux.

These machines will then be available for people to use, learn on and to
promote an altenative to microsoft.

we don't have an internet connection, so couldn't apt-get and i don't have
access to (i) fast internet (ii) a cd burner (iii) piles of blank cds.

does anyone have:
 * stuff they want to donate, play around with, or the time and enthusiasm to
help us get the stuff we do have into order?
 * a pile of (recentish) installation cd's (debian PLEASE!) they are loking
for a good home for
 * gnu/linux advocacy materials
 * a presentation on the politics of free software and patents.
 * experience of desk top publishing free software.

Also, if people want to use the space for a meeting or to run a workshop,
they should get in touch. Basically the centre is a free space that, like
free software, benefits the more people who add to it and bring their own
individual eye and experience. We run as an open collective with weekly
meetings to make decisions every Tuesday at 7pm.

Unfortunately I have very limited access to the internet, so the best way to
get in touch is either to drop in to the centre, or phone me on 07952 969102.
If I'm not there, we have a "tech" file that stuff can be left in.


"I give mankind no more than a chance in a thousand. But I would not be human if I did not place my stake on this one chance." Albert Camus


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