[Scottish] GNU/linux cd's wanted for social centre

Willie willie at itscotland.demon.co.uk
Sun May 16 11:19:59 BST 2004

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On Sunday 16 May 2004 01:54, Alice wrote:
> Hi.
> Since 1st May, we've had an autonomous social centre in Glasgow,
> Printworks, 58 Albion St,  G1 1LH www.glasgow-autonomy.org (please excuse
> the website, it's being worked on) which is open to everyone for tea and
> coffee 12 noon til 9pm every day.
> "It's like usenet, but in meatspace."
Sounds good
> Today we had a tech day, collected some machines in various states of
> disrepair and tried to get at least one in working order, in the process
> teaching a couple of people a bit about gnu/linux.
> These machines will then be available for people to use, learn on and to
> promote an altenative to microsoft.
> we don't have an internet connection, so couldn't apt-get and i don't have
> access to (i) fast internet (ii) a cd burner (iii) piles of blank cds.
Hmm city centre... wonder if there are any open wireless networks that these 
people could use?
I could donate a SCSI 4x burner but I couldn't give a warranty on it.

> does anyone have:
>  * stuff they want to donate, play around with, or the time and enthusiasm
> to help us get the stuff we do have into order?
>  * a pile of (recentish) installation cd's (debian PLEASE!) they are loking
> for a good home for
Still got a few OpenOffice CDs left from Bob Kerr, this sounds like a valid 
place to leave a couple.
>  * gnu/linux advocacy materials
>  * a presentation on the politics of free software and patents.
>  * experience of desk top publishing free software.
> Also, if people want to use the space for a meeting or to run a workshop,
> they should get in touch. Basically the centre is a free space that, like
> free software, benefits the more people who add to it and bring their own
> individual eye and experience. We run as an open collective with weekly
> meetings to make decisions every Tuesday at 7pm.
Possible venue for installfests? Especially if we can rig up some wireless 
> Unfortunately I have very limited access to the internet, so the best way
> to get in touch is either to drop in to the centre, or phone me on 07952
> 969102. If I'm not there, we have a "tech" file that stuff can be left in.
What is security like at this place?

> Cheers
> Alice
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Willie Fleming
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