[Scottish] ID card event and social centre update

Alice sei531 at yahoo.com
Thu May 20 14:40:18 BST 2004


Thanks to everyone who has stopped by the social centre (printworks, 58
Albion St, G1 1LH) and given CD's and kit.

We have started compiling a wish list and I will post this up soon.

Top of the list, however, is someone, or a few people, who could act in a
sysadmin, or coordinating facility. I do not have the skills, especially
hardware knowledge, to take on this role, although I am keen to learn more. 

The setup is really flexible. It's all down to enthusiasm how much there is.
I would like a gnu/linux machine that people could use to make leaflets,
flyers and a news sheet on, as well as learn about gnu/linux. A wireless
internet connection would be wonderful.

We don't have funding or masses of money, which might limit what we end up
with, nor do we have a permanent space, although we will continue to have
some sort of space and anything that gets built in albion st will get moved
if possible to the new space, and that should be taken into account. We will
almost certainly get broadband once we have a more permanent space, but our
current place is rented on a month to month basis by the council.

I've booked a tech meeting at the centre on Monday 24th, from 6:30pm onwards
(I'll be there all afternoon if anyone wants to pop by at a different time).
At some point before then I'll try and get together a catalogue of what kit
we currently have and what we'd like.

Also, if anyone has gnu/linux advocacy pamphlets or other visuals I will
start making a space for some kind of free software library.

I meant to post this before, but here's information about an id card event
we're having this evening, and an ongoing group.

ID Card public meeting in Glasgow 
Thursday, 20 May 2004 
07:00 PM - 09:30 PM 
Organizer: Defy-ID Glasgow 
Written by ginger     
Friday, 14 May 2004

We are a new group that came together because we found out that Glasgow was
going to be one of the trial sites for the biometric ID card scheme and we
felt that this was a serious threat to our civil liberties.

We have started educating ourselves about the issue, produced a leaflet, and
have called a public meeting on Thursday 20th May, 7pm, at the printworks
social centre, 58 Albion St, in the merchant city (0141 552 4551) to try and
get more people involved in the campaign and to inform people of what we have
found out.

Thousands of leaflets have so far been distributed and information is being
collected and stockpiled in the printworks social centre for future use
during the campaign.

We have started having regular meetings every Thursday at 7pm at printworks
and we would really welcome anyone else who wanted to get involved.

I've just set up a list : defy-id-glasgow-subscribe at lists.riseup.net
Printworks Social Centre,
58 Albion St. 
Cost: Free 
Directions: In the merchant city 

Hope to see you either tonight, on Monday or at the next scotlug meeting.

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