[Scottish] Linux distro for mum?

Craig Perry Craig.Perry at t-mobile.co.uk
Thu Nov 4 09:06:22 GMT 2004

My mum uses debian, not that she knows or cares what it is, she wanted a
simple computer, couldn't afford a mac, so i put in debian, configured it,
now she can use it pretty much as a black box.

It's easy to switch on, use the word processor (open office), dial up to the
net, browse the web (she doesn't do this much), email, and print things. I
can remote admin via ssh, so if she has a problem she can call/email me.

It just works, i've never upgraded it since i installed it (if it aint
broke, dont fix it), and it runs much faster than WinME on the same

If you look at a linux machine running Gnome (in this case 2.4), it is much
easier just to *use* than windows, it's the configuration that can be a pig,
but the actual usage is very logical. i.e. to run an application you click
the "applications" menu at the top. It is well designed.

I like the whole HCI stuff going on with gnome, i swear by the environment,
and the fact that its more stable than KDE *for me*

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My mum recently expressed an interest in getting a
computer for dvds/email/web/etc at home.

She was enthusiastic about GNU/Linux when I told her
about it.

She has little computer experience (but doesn't
believe in learned helplessness).
I've been using debian ~1yr (but still haven't
configured X properly).

I'm looking for the least hassle distro as mum will be
100 miles away. I'm thinking perhaps Fedora Core or
Umbuntu if it's mature enough.

Also any thoughts on hardware (laptop vs pc vs
self-assemble) would be welcome.


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