[Scottish] Linux distro for mum?

Alistair J Murray teeth at fluffy.f9.co.uk
Sat Nov 6 17:49:52 GMT 2004

Harry Doherty wrote:


> I'm looking for the least hassle distro as mum will be
> 100 miles away. I'm thinking perhaps Fedora Core or
> Umbuntu if it's mature enough.

I'd recommend SimplyMEPIS;  unlike Ubuntu it happily tracks the main
Debian pool with very sensible pinning priorities and includes some
non-free, but handy, stuff like Sun Java and libdecss.

It also has good community support forums and excellent hardware

> Also any thoughts on hardware (laptop vs pc vs
> self-assemble) would be welcome.

I'd also recommend the ThinkPad R40[1], tho' hand knitted gives more for
your moolah.


[1] ACPI is as broken as usual with recent 2.6 kernels and you will need
"bcm5700" in /etc/modules to get eth0 working...

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