[Scottish] Problem resolving local network PC names to IP add resses

Craig Perry Craig.Perry at t-mobile.co.uk
Fri Nov 12 21:37:53 GMT 2004


To get them to see each other there needs to be some kind of dns server
servicing the local network.

Can you ping the windows machines name? i.e. "ping windozecomputer"

If so this is going to be easy <sup>TM</sup>.

If not it will mean running your own dns server internally, this will not
need to be a standalone machine and can run as a service on any of your
machines and you will notice little/no performance loss etc. For easy setup
etc. in this case i recommend dnsmasq, it includes a dns server and dhcp
server in one easy to use package. You would then turn off dhcp server in
your router. You would use your isps nameservers in the dnsmasq
configuration, or alternatively, just point dnsmasq at the router.

If the ping worked, then all we need to do is get the linux boxes to forward
on a hostname with it's request for an ip address through dhcp. In dhclient
its just add a line to the config file (/etc/dhclient.conf on my box, may
change depending on distro) along the lines of "host-name linuxcomputer;"
refer to the documentation though as that was from memory.


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Hi folks,

	I have a small home network consisting of a mixture of Linux and
Windows PC's that are supplied with IP addresses from a Belkin
F5D7630-4A ADSL Modem Wireless Router via DHCP.

	How can I get the local PC's to 'see' each other by hostname rather
than only by IP address ?

	I have also noticed that the router only displays the Windows PC's
hostname in the client list. It does not show the Linux PC's hostname.
Is there anything I need to run that will allow the router to determine
the hostname of the Linux PC's ?

	Would I be better using a Linux PC to do the DHCP ( which I assume
would also then be able to do DNS on the internal network) and just
point this machine at the router to pick up the Internet DNS ?

Any thoughts ?


Andy Potter <agp at dsl.pipex.com>
Learning Linux, 1 day at a time.

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