[Scottish] 2 way pagers

Chris Binnie chris at belowzero.biz
Mon Nov 15 16:15:22 GMT 2004

It's true about pagers becoming almost entirely outdated.

We have a pager that our Duty Engineer has used when really poor mobile 
reception was expected. In the last couple of months we've received 
notice that the service is being discontinued as it's no longer 
economically viable due to the low volume of use. It's annoying as it 
was sold around six years ago as a 'lifetime service' where you just 
purchased the pager and the telecoms companies made their money out of 
the people that sent messages to it.


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>Pagers have been pretty much superseded by SMS now.  I think the only
>people still using them do so for very specialised legacy reasons -
>certainly all the engineers at work use mobile phone/PDA combinations.
>I haven't even seen pagers for sale for *years*.

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