[Scottish] Patrik Harvie's Open Source motioon in Holyrood

Alan alan at nonsite.co.uk
Mon Nov 15 20:12:35 GMT 2004


..... very useful for contacing your local mp

Willie Fleming wrote:

>Can I just remind folks to contact their MSPs to urge support for the motion 
>Patrick Harvie has raised?
>S2M-1921 Patrick Harvie: Open Source and Free Software-That the Parliament
> welcomes the findings of the Office of Government Commerce's report
> following proof-of-concept trials of Open Source software; notes that the
> report concludes that Open Source software is a viable and credible
> alternative to proprietary software and that its use can generate
> significant savings in hardware and software costs and reduce licensing
> costs and hardware refresh requirements; notes the significant financial and
> environmental benefit that could arise from a policy of adopting Open Source
> software, including the GNU/Linux operating system; notes the long-term
> dangers for organisations in becoming locked into proprietary systems;
> further believes that the principles of free software and concepts such as
> Copyleft can help to protect important rights and freedoms for people in an
> increasingly digital age, and urges the Scottish Executive to develop a
> strategy for promoting the adoption of free software and Open Source
> wherever workable throughout the public sector and to ensure that all
> software developed with public funds is copylefted. Supported by: Shiona
> Baird, Eleanor Scott, Mark Ballard, Chris Ballance, Mr Bruce McFee, Robin
> Harper, Stewart Stevenson, Mike Pringle, Donald Gorrie
>Please help out by contacting your MSP and pointing out that this is a Good 

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