[Scottish] Patrik Harvie's Open Source motioon in Holyrood

Willie Fleming willie at glasgownet.com
Tue Nov 16 11:35:02 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 16 November 2004 09:43, William Anderson wrote:
> Alan wrote:
> > http://www.faxyourmp.com
> >
> > ..... very useful for contacing your local mp
> Danger, Will Robinson ... your MP != your MSP - don't use faxyourmp.com to
> piss off someone who can't affect what your MSP will do :)

Very true - couldn't agree more.
If you don't know who your MSPs are (you have the directly elected one and 
your local list ones - all of equal status btw despite what the Labour party 
would like you to think) then


scroll down a wee bit and enter your postcode.
On reflection I should have put that in my original post, sorry.

Willie Fleming
willie at glasgownet.com

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