[Scottish] Linux training, Chateau projects

Magnus Lawrie m.lawrie at gmx.net
Fri Nov 26 14:04:16 GMT 2004


An introduction:

One or two people here know me, Magnus, already. I am involved with 
events and activites at The Chateau in Glasgow where I have established 
a low cost media lab for use by the community of artists in these 
studios (some 30 people). This has been achieved with the help of 
individuals from ScotLUG and people connected through the YourMachines 
workshops at the CCA (www.yourmachines.org).

The Chateau project:

Currently there are several recycled machines running Ubuntu. There is a 
DHCP server (floppy distro) and a broadband connection. I want to 
develop things further: introduce a web server, DMZ, maybe some greater 
network transparency and at least one machine running video editing 
software. A wireless node would also be a good addition.

A second project:

I am also investigating the possibility of providing low cost IT 
solutions to individuals and small organisations in the third sector.

Here's the bit I am putting into a funding application to Scotland 
Unlimited (http://www.unltd.org.uk/home.php). It's in no way to be taken 
as a final business plan:

I wish to undertake planning and development with the aim of 
establishing a small business to offer low cost computer solutions to 
small organisations in the voluntary and third sector. These solutions 
will the make use of recycled hardware and use freely available, 
co-operatively developed Open Source software, such as Linux; the web 
browser Firefox and the range of office applications available from 

The consultancy will aim to develop a range of packaged solutions: from 
standalone computers for the single user, to multiple shared terminals 
operating in networked environments. In many cases this means not only 
the provision of individual workstations, but also of server machines, 
which act as a secure gateway (or filter) for information travelling in 
and out of the local network, usually to the internet.

By using low-cost and free software as well as recycled hardware, 
individuals and organisations with small budgets will get cheap but 
reliable solutions. I anticipate that in many case this will release 
money for two things: thorough analysis of the client’s requirements; 
ongoing training for users, so that they learn to work productively with 
all the tools at their disposal.


For the second project, I don't have all the skills to do these things 
yet but I want to develop them (Linux-wise I am a novice). I have been 
asked for the funding application to propose a training path that would 
help me in developing Linux skills, so I am emailing now to ask for your 
opinions and suggestions on where to go, who to ask. I may be able to 
ask for up to £1000, but preferably less. I am asked to receive the 
training ideally through a community organisation (i.e. not a training 

Connected, but maybe less formal is The Chateau project which is pretty 
much open to suggestions. I was wondering about the possibility of 
running an install day there. Maybe someone would also spare some time 
to give hands on help or just advise.

Hope this is clear enough. I'll be happy to supply any further 
information. Looking forward to your responses.


Magnus Lawrie

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