[Scottish] Linux Games Development

Charles McCrimmon Specis at Specis-Design.co.uk
Mon Oct 11 22:06:37 BST 2004

Lo again all,

just thought i would share some information with yous all, and get some 
discussion going while I'm at it :D

as i doubt most of yous know, I'm the admin of a beginners game design 
site... ill spare yous the URL cos i quick google for me will uncover it.

anyway a new compiler is about to be released aimed at games development 
and one version of it will be for Linux, This means an actual 
crossplatform language which is basically soley aimed at games development.

If anyone's intrested a sample program compiled with the beta compiler 
was released a few weeks ago and in the archive there is three versions 
of the same exe basically. One for mac, windows and linux

the zip can be found here

The compiler will be called BlitzMax which is a step forward from the 
highly rated Blitz3d for the windows platform and created by Mark Sibly 
of Blitzbasic for the Amiga

L8tr Folks
Charles McCrimmon

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