[Scottish] Linux Games Development

James Arthur j_a_arthur at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 15 14:51:33 BST 2004

 --- Charles McCrimmon <Specis at Specis-Design.co.uk>
> The compiler will be called BlitzMax which is a step
> forward from the 
> highly rated Blitz3d for the windows platform and
> created by Mark Sibly 
> of Blitzbasic for the Amiga

Just de-lurking briefly to say that I've had my eye on
BlitzMax for quite a while now (in fact, I remember
putting off buying Blitz3D this time last year because
of BlitzMax's "imminent" release). Blitz3D is an
excellent piece of software that makes it very easy to
create complex games and Max is an improvement in
every area.

Obviously the best bit is the language is that you can
write something under Windows/Linux/OS X and have it
compile and run under Linux/OS X/Windows or OS
X/Windows/Linux and not worry about dependencies or
any of that rubbish - it'll just work.

Er, message ends.


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