[Scottish] RE: xbox linux (again)

Georgia Thomson scotlug at georgiagrrl.me.uk
Sun Oct 17 13:55:51 BST 2004

Des Quinn wrote:

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>First post so be gentle :)
>Recently been thinking about going down this route, and had this link
>suggested to me for those that might want to explore the full potential of
>their xboxes or indeed get an already modded xbox.
that is pretty much the "other option" for modding an xbox. unless 
people actually want a mod chip fitted, which i can do i'll be taking 
people through the process of reflashign the onboard bios with the legal 
cromwell bios for running linux, which doesnt allow backup games or in 
facct any xbx games to be played unless you reflash an original bios 
onto the chip.

for those interested in that option i will explain the process and 
assist with any technical problems but they take full responsibility for 
their own xbox and software, as far as legality goes.

i'll just be showing them the process to flash a bios image onto the 
flash chip.

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