[Scottish] Re: Dual Head Graphics Card

Craig Perry Craig.Perry at t-mobile.co.uk
Tue Oct 19 18:36:50 BST 2004

Forget the AGPx8, i just realised i've been robbed after all. Knew it was
too good to be true, there is no AGP slot in this thing, just had a look,
there are only PCI slots!!! What kind of a ridiculous setup is that??? That
is disgraceful. It's not got the newer PCI express either :o( so does anyone
know of a PCI dual head card with reasonable performance then? Do they even
still sell these?

I can't really phone up and complain either lest they demand i return my


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> Subject:	Dual Head Graphics Card
> Hi guys,
> Just got a cracker of a deal from dell, partly due to their mistake in
> giving me *two* 17" TFTs instead of one with my system. Any ways the
> system only has one vga out and i know i could just add another graphics
> card but i fancy an AGP 8x dual head d-sub with about 128mb. Any
> recomendations?
> I've been digging about and quite like the sound of possibly an all in
> wonder (if these exist with dual heads) or maybe an nvidia fx5700 ultra
> (again if i can get a dual head).
> The tfts each run at a native 1280x1024 and i want something powerful
> enough to drive each display at this res for desktop work and possibly
> relax to driving only one monitor for occasional gaming. Never been a pc
> gamer but will dip my toes in the water now i've got this beast.
> Obviously support from free86/x.org is the most important thing here, but
> cash is a close second, no more than £180 but pref about the £80-100 mark.
> Cheers!
> Craig Perry
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