[Scottish] Surplus books

Willie Fleming willie at itscotland.demon.co.uk
Fri Oct 22 17:31:30 BST 2004

I _need_  to clear some space so I have been ruthless with my books. 
If anybody wants anything of the list below then mail me privately ASAP and 
I'll bring them to the next meeting. First come First served.  Most of them 
have the CDs that were included.
Magnus , if you want any or all of this lot for the Chateau then speak up 
sharpish and I'll deliver them to Bridge St.
 If nobody wants anything then I'll shred them for compost unless anybody has 
any other greener or more profitable ideas. Guess who got given a shredder?

"Excel 97 Bible","Jon Walkenbach","IDG Books","076453034"
"Using Access 97 - Platinum Edition","Roger Jennings","Que","0789714116"
"Office 97 Answers!","Matthews & Matthews","Osborne","0078824036"
"Outlook 98 Made Easy","Matthews & Matthews","Osborne","8325402525"
"Windows 98 Made Easy","Sheldon & Logan","Osborne","0078824079"
"Getting Results with MS Office 97","Gates","Microsoft","-"
"Inside Microsoft Exchange Server","Hallenberg & Ivens","New 
"NT4 Administrators Black Book","Taylor","Coriolis","1576101142"
"Using 1-2-3 Release 5 for Windows","Mosqueda","Que","1565297431"
"Using Oracle  Web Application Server 3","Greenwald","Que","0789708221"
"Visual Basic 5 Bible","Hergert","IDG Books","076458020"
"Groupwise 4 Administrators Guide","Rogers","IDG Books","1568847327"
"Exchange 5 Study Guide","Easlick","Sybex","0782119670"
"Using the Windows 95 Registry","Honeycutt","Que","0789707853"
"The Complete Reference Linux","Petersen","Osborne","0078824613"
"Using Linux","Ball","Que","0789716232"
"Mastering Exchange Server 5.5","Gerber","Sybex","2521122237"
"SQL Server 6.5 Database Design Study Guide","Hough","Sybex","0782122698"
"Using Lotus Notes and Domino 4.6","Richards","Que","2923571535"
"SyStems Management Server 1.2 Study Guide","Mortenson & 
Also a couple of boxed sets of MCSE NT4 study guides -  makes excellent 
doorstops and come with  handy dandy carrying handkes

Willie Fleming
willief at gmail.com

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