[Scottish] Re: Usb proxy + list traffic (Craig Perry)

Martin Habets habets_martin at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 16 13:02:35 BST 2004

There's an article related to this in the august issue of Linux Journal.
Greg (Kroah-Hartman) added an usbfs_snoop parameter to the usbcore module,
which you can use to log all traffic. So you'd have to get recent kernel
source (it's not in 2.6.5, but is in 2.6.8).

Besides that you'd have to write a small application that read/writes
/dev/midi* as appropriate. That could be the tricky bit, but probably libusb
would make this easier. http://linux.rockriver.net/presentations/LibUsb/img2.html

One other thing: On the cable comming from the windows box your Linux side has to
act in USB slave mode. I think this has been added in Linux, but I don't know how
to set it.
The other cable is no problem as all drivers I know use Linux as the master.


> How could I setup a box to act as a kind of proxy for a usb connection?
> I.E. Windows box with usb cable to linux box. Usb cable from linux box to usb device. And the
> linux box just passes everything it sees on one port to the other, thus being transparent to the
> windows box and the usb device, so the windows box/usb device interact as normal, but the
> connection is going via the linux box.

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