[Scottish] Usb + blackberry update

Craig Perry craig at onemanstudfarm.co.uk
Sat Sep 18 12:46:18 BST 2004

Hi all,

Big thanks to all for their pointers earlier with regards to the usb stuff, especially the usb sniffer.

Just a wee progress update and another question :o)

I've got my skeleton kernel module made, and it can be loaded and unloaded from the kernel (currently using 2.6.8 but see no reason it won't work with earlier 2.6 kernels) at will. It also claims the blackberry device when it's connected to the computer (as listed in dmesg). Using hotplug I can get it to automatically load and unload on connection / disconnection which I find pretty cool :o)

Anyway so now I actually want the kernel to talk to the device. I've trapped what seems to be a standard handshake sequence on the control pipe, and so I reckon I can simply spit this down the control pipe to the bb7230 and this will hopefully tell the bb its now connected.

But where do I go from here? There are lots of fantastic tutorials out there for how to write usb drivers etc. But nothing on how to reverse engineer how a device talks to a computer.

I suspect this device may interact in a similar fashion to the ipaq driver, but how would I confirm / dismiss this idea?

Any further ideas / pointers guys?

Thanks again :o)


P.s. I know this is probably severely off topic for this list but it seems to have generated some traffic and I know there are many highly knowledgeable lurkers on the list who may just have the answer :o)

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