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Oct - Dec 2004, CCA: Glasgow

YOUR MACHINES is a series of hands-on workshops and discussion events 
co-ordinated by CCA and organised by Simon Yuill aimed at introducing 
Free Open Source Software to creative practitioners, cultural workers, 
and cultural and community organisations.

Free Open Source Software (FOSS) is both an approach to making software 
and an attitude about the role of software in society.  FOSS emphasises 
the social, collaborative processes involved in the production and use 
of software.  It promotes the principle that information is a common 
good and that more can achieved through social sharing than through 
commercial privatisation.  FOSS is about ensuring the information 
revolution genuinely benefits us all.  As such it has been adopted by 
people as diverse as the Brazilian and Mexican governments, Pixar 
films, political activist groups, scientific research projects, 
education projects, local community groups and artists.

FOSS tools are available free of cost, but that doesn't mean they are 
just demos, or hobby projects.  The majority of the Internet runs on 
FOSS technology, the free Firefox browser is regarded as the fastest, 
most reliable and virus proof available today, the OpenOffice 
management tools support more international languages than any 
commercial rival, and many artists are finding FOSS tools, such as 
PureData, provide a degree of creative and experimental potential 
unmatched by any commercial tool.

YOUR MACHINES workshops are intended to let you explore these tools, 
give you introductory tuition from experienced tutors, learn about and 
discuss some of the wider issues related to FOSS, and take free copies 
of the software away for your own use.

All events are FREE but ticketed as spaces are limited.

To book a ticket contact CCA boxoffice: 0141 352 4900.

More information available from: http://www.yourmachines.org.


FRAMEWORK #1: FOSS, open networks and collaborative practice
Thursday 14th October, CCA: 4 7pm (2 hours): FREE BUT TICKETED

A talk by Simon Worthington, from MUTE magazine and the OpenMute 
project, discussing the use of FOSS amongst artists and activists and 
its relation to artist-led initiatives, grass roots research 
initiatives and "self-institutions".

WORKSHOP #1: FOSS tools for small organisations
Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th October, CCA: Clubroom, 1pm - 5pm daily: 

A 2 day workshop on the benefits of FOSS for small organisations such 
as community and cultural groups and will focus on management and 
communications tools, and the use of networks for developing links with 
fellow organisations.  Introduced by Simon Yuill, with contributions 
from Steve Marlow from the North Edinburgh community network, Martin 
Ling from backNet, Edinburgh, and Simon Worthington from OpenMute, 
London.  Tuition provided by Peter George from netresources, Edinburgh, 
and Simon Worthington.

WORKSHOP #2: Audio Visual production with FOSS tools
Saturday 30th October, CCA: Clubroom, 11am - 5pm Audio
Sunday 31st October, CCA: Clubroom, 11am - 5pm Video: FREE BUT TICKETED

2 workshops, 1 day each, introducing tools and practices of audio and 
video production and distribution using FOSS tools and web casting.

Day 1- Audio: presented by Paul Munday, online radio producer and 
Indymedia activist, Bristol.
Day 2- Video: presented by Ana Kronschnabl from plugincinema, Bristol.

WORKSHOP #3: FOSS tools for individuals
Saturday 13th November 2004, CCA: 6, 11am - 4pm: FREE BUT TICKETED

A 1 day workshop for individuals introducing various FOSS tools 
suitable for personal management, communication and creativity ranging 
from OpenOffice to audio, video and 3D animation tools.  Presented by 
Simon Yuill and Peter George.

FRAMEWORK #2: FOSS tools for artists
Tuesday 30th November, CCA: 4, 7pm (2 hours): FREE BUT TICKETED

A talk by Derek Holzer, sound artist, media activist and director for 
the Impulse festival, Utrecht.  Derek will provide an overview of FOSS 
tools available for artists, the kinds of creative possibilities they 
open up, how the social values of FOSS relate to artists' practice, and 
how FOSS is shaping the future of digital arts and new media 

WORKSHOP #4: PureData workshop
Thursday 2nd, Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th December, CCA: 6, 11am - 6pm 

A 3 day comprehensive introduction to PureData, aka Pd. PureData is one 
of the most flexible and extensive systems available for creating 
experimental audio, video and interactive work.  PureData enables you 
to work with sound, video and 3D graphics.  It is used by musicians and 
sound artists for both live performance and studio work, by artists for 
interactive installation works, and is fast becoming the tool of choice 
amongst more experimental VJs. Presented by Derek Holzer and Aymeric 
Mansoux, the Netherlands.

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