[Scottish] Ubuntu resolvconf

Craig Perry craig at onemanstudfarm.co.uk
Thu Sep 30 09:30:18 BST 2004

Hi guys,

After some recent list traffic about the ubuntu distro I decided to give it a go. What a distro!

The new kernel and gnome 2.8 have turned my machine into a flyer, fantastic! (Only problem is the day before I tried it, I ordered a machine from dell because I was feeling it was getting a bit slow :o) ah well! That was a cracking deal anyway).

When I installed it, I configured the network interfaces both to use dhcp, (wireless and wired), but could I get it to update /etc/resolv.conf? Could I....

There was no resolv.conf file and a quick touch /etc/resolv.conf still didn't fix it. I could see dhcp was getting the nameservers (it was showing in it's debug log), the only thing there was close to resolv.conf was a directory /etc/resolvconf/ but in there seemed to be missing some stuff so I did an apt-get install resolvconf and it now works, as if by magic.

Was this the right thing to do? Was there an easier way to sort it?

Also is there a neat way to edit the startup scripts, more specifically controlling which ones startup when and in which runlevel or do I need to mess about with the symlinks by hand?



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