[Scottish] Media lab set up

Colin Fraser Colin.Fraser at riverfern.co.uk
Mon Apr 4 18:15:35 BST 2005

Yes, but see the article on ADSLGuide's homepage (PlusNet = Force9 - 
they're the same , more or less). My recommendation is based on my 
experience with Force9 and mainly because of the extras - the web space 
provided is fully CGI compatible (on Linux/BSD servers if you want it) 
with MySQL, PHP, Perl, bash, etc. - ideal for Linux buffs.

I've had great up-time from them, my router has recorded over 3 months 
up-time at one point. They also support fixed IP at no extra charge for 
VPN's, etc..

You should also note that they, like most IP's, are switching their 
terms of service as BT (slowly) rolls out Max-DSL. This will mean that 
we'll all be able to connect at the maximum speed our lines will support 
and the monthly fee will depend on the amount we download. I can provide 
details of this if required.

The roll-out is based on BT's upgrade of the exchanges but is expected 
to be complete by the end of autumn (but don't hold your breath - this 
is BT we're talking about!) and will supply everyone with 2Mb download 
speeds if their lines will handle it. 8Mb will follow. It's just a pity 
that ADSL will only support 512Kb upload speeds.

Some other ISP's are still offering 'unlimited' broadband but all the 
opinion I've read is that they'll be forced down the same path by BT's 
charging policy. Also, many of the ISP's that advertise in the national 
press provide services that are only, barely, suitable for the average 
home user. If you need more my advice is 'don't touch them with a 
barge-pole', I've spent countless hours lately helping family and 
friends to sort out their setups and most of them are planning to switch 
once their current contracts run out.



Subhi S Hashwa wrote:

>Monday, April 4, 2005, 4:28:12 PM, Hannah Clinch wrote:
>>Could anyone recommend a good ISP and package for a community media lab - 6
>>computers. Cheers Hannah
>Zen, one of the highest rated ISPs on www.adslguide.org.uk

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