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> Thought this may interest some of you.
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Hello all -
There is an event taking place this Wednesday, December 7 at 6:30 PM, 
upstairs at the Waverley pub, that I thought would be of some interest 
to backnetters.

Berlin-based artist Michelle Teran will be discussing her work that 
focuses on the use of wireless surveillance cameras within public and 
private places that transmit on the 2.4 Ghz frequency band.  She 
intercepts the signals on this band with a consumer model video scanner, 
and conducts walks through cities where she reveals the images being 
captured by cameras inside buildings.

This is the launch of a series of events called "Poker Club".  Full 
details on the talk are below. Hope to see you there!
The Launch of the Poker Club!

In a nod to the Scottish Enlightenment, when Adam Smith and David Hume 
gathered to discuss big ideas over a glass of claret at the original 
Poker Club, New Media Scotland is launching its own series of events 
under this venerable name (which refers to a fireplace poker for 
"stirring things up", not card games, we're afraid). These events will 
be held in the same environment as the original Poker Club - in the pubs 
of Edinburgh , where there is an endless supply of bar napkins to jot 
down inspirational notes and ideas. Our first Poker Club will be held 
upstairs at the Waverley (3-5 St. Mary's St., in the Old Town ) on 
Wednesday 7th December, at 6:30 PM, free admission. Berlin-based artist 
Michelle Teran will be in conversation with Clive Gillman, Director of 
Dundee Contemporary Arts. The topic at hand will be the ever-present eye 
of the surveillance camera, and in this context, Michelle will discuss 
her performance work with live images snatched from surveillance cameras 
and presented to passersby. The conversation will be lively, and you are 
encouraged to cut in with your questions and comments. At the Poker 
Club, everything is up for debate and discussion!

For more on Michelle Teran: http://www.ubermatic.org/life
Michelle's talk is presented in partnership with Stills: 

Kyle Gordon
kyle at lodge.glasgownet.com

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