[Scottish] Re: how would an IT turkey vote for Christmas?

Will Partain partain at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Mon Jul 25 11:38:08 BST 2005

Subhi S Hashwa writes:

> > What if you're a company and you want to *buy* the above?  You don't
> > want a server, you don't want an IT guy, you just want a Web panel
> > where you can tick "give us an issue tracker", and that's that.
> > Employees plug in their laptop, aim a web browser and/or VPN-thingy,
> > and it just works.
> I think the keyword you're looking for is outsource. Companies in that situation
> outsource to consultancy companies that "hopefully" relying on scale.

Hmm... when I think of outsourcing, I think of a tailored, custom
service, but now provided by people who work for someone else.  They
will still run esoteric applications for you, do a spot of scripting,
etc., just like your old IT guys whom you threw on the scrapheap :-)

I am thinking of a twelve-items-on-the-menu service, take them or
leave them.  I see _many_ two-or-three-item menus (web hosting, e-mail
provision, ...) -- I guess that works if you're a little company that
needs a web site and some e-mail, but surely that's not enough for a
30-person company?  Or do companies of that size convince themselves
they're so "special" that a dedicated IT guy is the only way to go?
Just wondering.

Thanks for your interesting reply.


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