[Scottish] looking for old BBC Master computer :) {Scanned}

Matt Lowe scotlug at mlsis.co.uk
Tue Nov 15 16:08:29 GMT 2005

Ive been having a look there, but the problem with ebay is that i dont 
know the person selling the items, and ive had 2 bbc's purchased in the 
past that i was told worked fine, and one of them i actually saw 
running, and they have turned out to have faulty psu's and other 
components :(

So if anyone knows anyone with these machines id love to hear from them :)


William Anderson wrote:

>Matt Lowe wrote:
>>I know its not excatly a linux question, but does anyone out there have
>>any old BBC Master or BBC Master Compact machines? i need one to use on
>>an old piece of hardware ive dug out of the loft, and it wont run on the
>>BBC B's that ive got.
>I don't mean to be rude (hehe) but eBay is probably a good bet:

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