[Scottish] Whilst we are on the subject... {Scanned}

Matt Lowe scotlug at mlsis.co.uk
Tue Nov 15 20:17:21 GMT 2005

it was john that said he might have a couple of 8bit lans, ive also just 
cleared out one of the cuboards in the house and come across a load of 
old isa cards, not sure if there 8bit or not, any hints asto how to tell 
the diferance?

If you want me to ill try and bring them up to the next meet and you can 
have a look at them.


Alistair Ross wrote:

>	Whilst we are discussing old hardware, anyone out there got an 8 bit ISA 
>network card I was after at the last meeting. I can't remember who it was 
>that said they might have one.
>Also, I'm wanting an IBM EGA monitor and an EGA card. All 8bit again. Anyone 
>got such weirdness?

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