[Scottish] Free Stuff.

Joste Bowen JosteBowen at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Nov 17 15:05:34 GMT 2005

I am having a clearout and wondered if any of this stuff would be of use to 
anyone.  I can probably bring stuff to the next meet or you could come and 
get it from cumbernauld if you like.

Anything nobody wants will be getting binned so it's all free to a good home.

1.  An empty case,   no psu or anything,  short tower type.

2. Zenith data systems  Powermate VT desktop box. P3 550 3 x pci, 1 x isa, no 
agp.  Onboard ATI graphics, onboard creative sound, USB.  No hard drive, No 
PSU (though see below). CDrom, floppy.  No Memory.  No lid on the case.

I put in some memory and attached a psu it seems to boot ubunto ok but hangs 
at the window manager, it was only 64Mb though which might explain that.

3. A creative Dxr2 dvd decoder card with matching DVD rom.  Never had it 
working but I did have a look and there is/was a Linux driver available.

4. Motherboard and CPU P2 450 or 500 mhz 4 x pci, 2 x isa, 1 x agp no sound or 
video onboard,  no idea if it even boots.

5.  Pentium 2 processor and fan.

6. Desktop box I built from old bits (don't laugh) Cyrix PR233 32Mb ram 
onboard  sound and video though the sound concector is missing.  4 x pci 3 x 
isa. No USB. No hard drive. POSTs ok.

7. 2 CDrom drives, Samsung SC-148 and goldstar CRD-8400b

8.Some keyboards 3 x PC ps2 type , 2 x PC old style din connector. 1 x Amstrad 
640k PC1640,  1 x Compaq  "enhanced keyboard"  quite big and old.  None of 
them are that nice to type on.

9. A power supply to suit item 2.

10. Some mice.

11. 2 x Epsom stylus colour 740 printers with no ink cartridges and part of 
the paper holder is missing.  

12.  1 x Canon s400, 1 x s450  have ink cartridges but are dried up. If I can 
get one working without buying a cartridge I'll probably keep it.

13.  An OKI ol830  led page printer + spare toner cartridge, prints streaky 
for the first few pages then runs ok.  A few other problems, ask me.  I don't 
really want to get rid of this but it's giving me grief.

14.  a couple of 386 based things that I'll check out if anyone is interested 
in them.

15. Some floppy drives. May or may not work.

16.  Probably a couple of fully working boxes, a k6 500 and a p3 450 but they 
won't be available this month.

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