[Scottish] More free stuff

Gary bsdmail at project415.org
Fri Nov 18 19:04:04 GMT 2005

Julian Gibson wrote:
> I expect shortly to have 3 or possibly 4 Sun Ultra 2 processors to give
> away of the following aprox spec:
> 1 x 300MHz UltraSparc
> 256MB RAM
> 4.5GB SCA SCSI disk
> CD ROM and floppy built in
> no keyboard, mouse or screen
> I anyone wants one please let me know otherwise they will go to
> Freecyle.org or failing that in a skip.  As they will be coming from a
> customer I will need to wipe the disks before passing on.
> If anyone can suggest a lightweight and quick to load SPARC compatible
> distro I'd like hear from them.
> Once they the disks are zapped they will be collectible from the west
> end of Glasgow.
> Cheers
> Julian


Could I get one of these please?
I have an SCA disk, but no box to put it in.

Thanks in advance


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