[Scottish] Hopeless newbie question

Steve Logan steve at bigsmoke.com
Mon Sep 5 11:30:56 BST 2005

After lurking for some years now it's time to come out of the closet...

I've just set up my first serious Linux machine, a PIII 500 running SuSe 
Professional 9.1.  Installation went OK and it's now up and running 
ready for me to play around with Apache/Tomcat (which is why I want it).

Here's my question -

I use WinXP for most of my development work and want an easy way of 
copying files to and from the SuSe box.  I've correctly set up Samba 
client and server on the SuSe box, or at least I think I have.

 From the Suse box I can see my Win2003 network and copy files across. 
So that direction works fine.

 From my XP box I enter the IP address of the Suse box in 'My Computer' 
and I get back a list of things - 'groups', 'profiles', 'users' and 
'Printers and Faxes'.  When I click on, say, users I'm asked to login. 
Here's where my problem starts.  I enter 'steve at cactuslinux' as the 
'User name' and enter my password (I have already set up an account on 
the SuSe box called steve and I can login fine at the Suse machine) but 
I'm not logged in.  I've tried all sorts of permutations and 
combinations for the user name but I'm stumped.

I presume I'm doing something daft.  The suse box is called 
'cactuslinux' and there is an account called 'steve'.




Dr Steve Logan, engineering software
  t: 01764-650085
  e: steve at bigsmoke.com
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