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hannah clinch keygrips at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 5 12:47:48 BST 2005

Thought this (below) might be of interest to Scotlug
members interested communication technology.

Also - If anyone wants to come and have a look at the
Radius Media lab, all open source and open to members
of the Pollokshields community for workshops, just get
in touch. cheers hannah 
Radius Glasgow is pleased to announce the launch of 
COMMUNITY GREEN: a communication ideas competition

WHO: architects, designers, artists, scientists,
technologists and
others interested in ideas of what an urban 21st
century village green
might be. 
Open to individuals and teams.

WHAT: Interdisciplinary ideas competition. Four short
listed teams with
expertise in both artistic and science/technology
fields will develop
full proposals/prototypes. From these 4
prototypes/presentations, one
entry will be selected for permanent
installation/deployment (pending
further funding).

WHERE: Registered contributors will develop detailed
proposals/prototypes for public spaces (whether
physical or
networked/virtual) of Pollokshields, Glasgow.

Short-listed proposals will be exhibited/presented at
Radius Glasgow and
Glasgow Science Centre.

WHEN: Oct 05 – Feb 06 

WHY: Community Green aims to

      * Raise awareness about sustainable approaches
to building,
        regenerating and reanimating a community.
      * Focus attention on the role that digital and
other technologies,
        especially those that have a low environmental
impact, can play
        creatively/artistically in the fostering of
        communication and participation within a
      * Connect, socially and geographically, the
diverse areas of the
        Pollokshields neighbourhood in Glasgow’s
Southside through the
        use of communication technologies.
For More information and details on how to enter go to

Hannah Clinch
Tel: 07780 60 40 31 or 0141 423 9412

Address: Flat 3/2, 21 Boyd st, Glasgow, G42 8AF

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