[Scottish] ADSL connection gotchas?

John Ollason john at ardgrain.demon.co.uk
Fri Sep 16 18:02:34 BST 2005


I am becoming fed up with my demon dial-up service, and by chance I have 
inherited a Speedtouch USB ADSL modem. I am planning to try to connect to 
plus.net using the Premier package. I have downloaded linux firmware from 
the speedtouch site, 

I am currently running Redhat 7.3.

I have downloaded and installed the

speedtouch-1.2-8rh rpm

I have followed

SpeedTouchUSB-HOWTO using Benoit Papillault's OpenSource drivers

and set the configuration files except for some details to be established.

I have spoken to plus.net and they seem to be reasonably linux-friendly.

I think  that I am more or less ready to go. Are there any absolute 
horrors that I ought to be thinking about?

I did have a look at ipchains, which seems to have been installed by 
default, but I get the following message:

$ ipchains --list
ipchains: Incompatible with this kernel

Is this likely to be a problem?

John O.

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