[Scottish] Wireless problem on Suse

Alan Rutherford alan at nonsite.co.uk
Wed Sep 21 15:41:38 BST 2005

Thanks for this Colin, will try and get back to you, although from memory 
running IWCONFIG tells me that it has loaded a generic config file. 

On Tuesday 20 September 2005 20:58, Colin McKinnon wrote:
> On Tuesday 20 September 2005 17:42, Alan Rutherford wrote:
> > The system boots and saying  its detected  WLAN0 -  but it
> > can't find any configuration.
> No solution - but sympathy - it's not just you.
> I've got a WMP11 (no, the one that works with Linux) in my machine which
> ran like a clock under SuSE 8.2, then Debian, now I've gone back to SuSE
> 9.3, it claims to have set it all up - the right modules are installed,
> iwconfig and ifconfig say the right things (but it ifconfigs seperate
> interfaces for ipv4 and ipv6) but it only ever seems to work for 10 seconds
> out of every 5 minutes, with no rhyme nor reason.
> 1) What does lspci say?
> 2) Have you told it which module to load in yast?
> 3) is the interface reported as configured by ifconfig?
> 4) what does iwconfig say?
> 5) how are you testing the connectivity? (I just found out today that my
> laptop is definitely working fine - so the problems with my desktop).
> Given my current circumstances I'm keen to find out how you get on.
> C.
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