[Scottish] Looking for SPARC32 hardware to test

Martin Habets errandir_news at mph.eclipse.co.uk
Sat Sep 24 14:01:48 BST 2005

In order to help fix some 2.6 Linux kernel problems, I am looking for the
following SPARC32 hardware to test (or have tested):

1) A machines with one or more Ross HyperSparc CPU's (check for HyperSparc
   in /proc/cpuinfo). These seem broken after 2.6.10 at the moment,
   causing disk corruption it seems.
2) sun4m SMP machines (check for type sun4m and ncpus in /proc/cpuinfo).
   Some fixes for this in 2.6, but more work needed.
3) Machines with an external speakerbox. I need to test my dbri driver for

The first two items are among the reasons that sparc32 support is being
dropped from Debian, so "it-works" reports are also welcome (on any distro).
I need not test this personally if you feel up to it.

30 years from now GNU/Linux will be as redundant a term as MERT/UNIX is 
today. - Martin Habets

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