[Scottish] Looking for SPARC32 hardware to test

Martin Habets errandir_news at mph.eclipse.co.uk
Mon Sep 26 02:21:46 BST 2005

On Sat, Sep 24, 2005 at 03:53:37PM +0100, William Anderson wrote:
> Martin Habets wrote:
> > In order to help fix some 2.6 Linux kernel problems, I am looking for the
> > following SPARC32 hardware to test (or have tested):
> do you need physical access to test this stuff, or would ssh access do?

ssh access would probably not be enough, apart from the dbri driver
test. If the kernel has a major problem, the ssh session usually hangs as
well. But with a console a on a serial line I can use the magic sysrq
keys to get important data. The serial line would be connected to a
machine close by.
Physical access would only be needed for a power cycle, e.g. if an SMP
kernel fails to boot at all.


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