[Scottish] USB memory sticks and SuSE 9.3

Robert Barbour rlbarbour at castleventures.fsnet.co.uk
Fri Jan 13 07:49:59 GMT 2006

I did this and sent a reply to scottish, but it didn't get into the system.
Could this be because it had a file attached?
Anyway, I think study of the log might confirm the suspicion that the format of the stick is the problem.
So how do I get round the format problem for file transfers - I have Linux, Apple and (reluctantly) MS?

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Subject: Re: [Scottish] USB memory sticks and SuSE 9.3

It seems time to open up a terminal window (that's Konsole in Suse).
After you insert the stick, open the new 'floppy' icon, and get the
error message... after all that, type in these commands in the terminal
window and send the output here:

dmesg | tail -100

That should give us a start to figure out what's going on.
If you're couragous you could look up a line for 'sda' in the mount
output and try to browse that directory.

My guess is the floppy icon is used because the filesystem on the USB
stick is msdos.


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