[Scottish] Time flies - January's meeting and other stories

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu Jan 26 11:25:37 GMT 2006

Ben Thorp wrote:
> [snip]
> As long as there was reasonable response from the list, then my intention
> would be to advertise it outwith the list as a 'special' meeting, rather
> than a 'regular' meeting, and throw the doors open to, say EdLUG, and any
> other people we can drag along. My original intention was to make the fee
> nominal (£2-£3), and, should the need arise, I am willing fund any
> shortfall myself. Our usual attendance on a normal meeting is between 10
> and 20 people, which would equate to a minimal of £20 or a maximum of £60.
> However, I think that there would be an opportunity here to interest a lot
> more people, or at least to encourage some of the 'lurkers' on the mailing
> list to make a special trip for the special meeting.

I personally think too much hay is being made of this.

I'll happily chuck in a tenner for this.  If a few other generous
ScotLUGgers do the same, the question of charging at the door becomes moot.

Also, for a theoretical arrival of 10:00 on Sat 25th March and 08:45
departure on Sun 26th March, Flybe can deliver a return fare of £56.14
(cost good as of a minute ago).  Couple that with perhaps someone
putting Jono up for the night helps keep the costs down further.

That would be just 6 people stumping up a tenner to deliver ScotLUG a
special event speaker (possibly something to co-incide with an install
day or other event?).

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