[Scottish] Time flies - January's meeting and other stories

Willie Fleming willief at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 20:07:13 GMT 2006

On Thursday 26 January 2006 11:51, gordonjcp at gjcp.net wrote:
> > OK  - looks like we have a discussion topic for tonight :-)
> >
> > I read Kennys reply and agreed with it all wholeheartedly. Then I read
> > Mrben's
> > reply -- and agreed with all that too :-)
> >
> > Maybe - just maybe -  we try this as a one-off at say £3 per skull.
> > Bagsy me having nothing to do with the money though....
> Yup.  And let's be honest - at a typical "pub only" meeting a hell of a
> lot more than three quid a head gets spent.

I take Kenny's point about not turning folk away cos they can't afford it - 
however at a pub meet we (or more precisely, I) do expect folk to pay their 
way from time to time - remember the loopy lupine? OTOH he was just taking 
the piss.
 Yes it costs to go to the pub but until we manage free beer this is always 
going to be the case.

 Talking of free beer - how is the home brew situation Gordon? Want me to turn 
up with my famed carryout of empties?


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