[Scottish] Time flies - January's meeting and other stories

Billy billy at kuranes.co.uk
Fri Jan 27 01:25:09 GMT 2006

On Wed, Jan 25, 2006 at 11:10:41AM +0000, Ben Thorp wrote:
> One other suggestion is that Jono Bacon (writer, Linux advocate, LUGRadio
> presenter, etc - see http://www.jonobacon.org and http://www.lugradio.org )
> has said that he is more than willing to come up to do a talk at some point
> during the year, as long as we cover his travel expenses (approx £75 for a
> return flight from Birmingham I reckon) and have the meeting on a weekend.
> Is this something that people would be interested in - it would probably
> mean having a 'special' meeting on a Saturday at some point (Kenny is this
> doable with Strathclyde?) and charging a nominal entrance fee?

I'll put in some money if we can mock his beard..... ;-)


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